Christmas is a wonderful festivity to celebrate with your loved ones. Bobblehead Ninja makes it possible to celebrate this festivity with Christmas bobbleheads. Both you and the people you gift the Christmas bobblehead will love it.

This collection has Male Christmas bobbleheads, Female Christmas bobbleheads, and Couple Christmas bobbleheads.

This is how it works. We already have the bobblehead body so all you need is send us your picture and then we'll sculpt your head with much attention to detail for your custom bobblehead.

We take our customer service seriously so before our professional designers sculpt your personalized bobblehead, we will send you an image of how the final product will look like.

Once you confirm, we'll go ahead and create your custom bobblehead and then ship it to your doorstep once it's done. Our bobbleheads are distinct with bigger heads and made with environmentally friendly clay.

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