Fully customized bobbleheads are what make bobbleheads fun.

We will create exactly the image you send us, from head to toe. Every detail will be observed by our seasoned designers. The hairstyle, eyes, nose, clothing even facial hair.

This is where bobbleheads get fun for even your family and friends because you can surprise them with exactly a picture of themselves that they really love.

All you need to do is pick a template from our collection and send us a full image that you want to be customized into a bobblehead. Environmentally friendly polymer clay will be used to sculpt your 100% fully customized bobblehead.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority so we will check with you to confirm how the final bobblehead will come out before producing your desired fully custom bobblehead.

Our bobbleheads are distinct from others because of the big head and unique attention to detail.

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Fully custom one pet bobblehead
Key Chain Full Custom Double Bobbleheads
$219.00 $169.90
Two Persons Double Bobbleheads
$219.00 $149.90
One Kid Fully Customized Bobblehead
$139.00 $79.90
100% Custom Three Persons Bobbleheads
$319.00 $219.90
Five Persons Custom Bobbleheads
$489.00 $359.90
Five Persons Custom Bobbleheads
$589.00 $419.90
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