Every man and guy wants to look good no matter what they wear and where they are. Bobblehead Ninja makes this even bigger with our personalized bobblehead.

Create your custom male bobbleheads through our creative professional designers. Our male bobbleheads are created with much attention to detail so they come out even better. The finished product looks exactly like the image you send us for the desired bobblehead.

Whether you want a bobblehead that shows your masculinity as a dignified man or a bobblehead that has a story to it, we've got exactly what you're looking for.

Our Male collection bobbleheads are crafted by professional designers that pay attention to detail in order to wow you with that cool bobblehead you order. Each bobblehead is created with polymer clay which is environmentally friendly.

It can be used for any kind of decor whether in your car, office or wherever you deem fit.

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$199.00 $149.90
$129.00 $69.90
$129.00 $78.90
World' s best boss Bobblehead
$129.00 $69.90
Hulk Bobblehead
$129.00 $68.90
$129.00 $69.00
$129.00 $69.00
$88.00 $71.90
Fitness Coach Bobblehead
$129.00 $75.90
Surgeon Custom Bobblehead
$139.00 $68.90
Male Police With Black Uniform Bobblehead
$129.00 $69.90
Brown Camouflage Military Custom Bobblehead
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