How Can You Order Your First Bobblehead On Our Website?

Please follow the following guidelines when personalizing your own bobblehead on our website:

1. Choose

First, determine the type of customized bobbleheads you want, it can be standard body bobbleheads or fully customizable bobbleheads. Anyway, choose one you like form these two categories and find a doll that best fits your budget. Next we will use 100% custom single bobblehead as an example.

2. Upload your photo.

Select Options of The Bobblehead

We recommend high definition pictures to ensure artists come up with the best representation of your face. Please note that the only customizable part is the head (face), the body retains what you see in product pictures.

3. Other options

4. Click the "Buy it Now" button and check out


check out


5. Fill in your receipt information and pay

complete your Information

We offer global delivery, besides, all orders over $129 we will provide free shipping, you can contact us by at any time after the order is completed.

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