Personalized Bobblehead: Make Your Own Bobblehead Today!

Now, who doesn’t love the sight of those funny little bobbleheads that look like your exact replica? Bobbleheads are a popular trend in the market. You can get them in varying themes, colors, as well as designs to perfectly match your needs. The thrill of having your very own replica is simply amazing. While you can opt from the standard bobbleheads with your face on it, there are options for head-to-toe customization as well. 

You can order your very own custom bobbleheads from reputed makers online at affordable prices. While most of us know about the bobbleheads, we are hardly aware of the details that go into the making of a personalized bobblehead. 

But, before we do that, let us know more about bobblehead dolls.

What is a bobblehead?

Also known as Hannah, Nodder, or Wobbler, the bobblehead dolls is a collectible doll that comes with an oversized head as compared to the body. As opposed to a solidified connection, the head of the doll is connected with the body through a hook or spring. The connection is such that a gentle tap will make the head bobble. 

If you plan to make your own bobblehead or order one from an online seller, here is how things go. 

The Step-by-Step Journey to Custom Bobbleheads

Here is the journey involved in the making of a custom bobblehead. 


The very first step for creating custom bobbleheads is to select an image the fits best to your needs. If you plan on ordering your very first personalized bobblehead, you can select from:

With the standard bobblehead bodies, you get pre-made designs that can be customized with your face on it. For example, you can have your face on batman’s body or flaunt your body in a designer swimsuit. 

On the other hand, you can select the custom body with a top-to-toe customization facility. While in the first case, you only need a proper headshot, in the second option, you need to provide your full body picture in your favorite dress or costume. 

You can send in your own picture or one of a friend/family to be sent out as a gift option. It is critical to select the image wisely. It helps the designers mark out all the details for your custom dolls. 

Keep in mind that your picture shouldn’t be:


The next step in the process of how to make a bobblehead is the molding method. In this part, the artist transfers the image onto a high-quality polymer clay mold. The artist starts with the basic shape and works along to create a perfect impression with the picture provided to him/her. Custom bobbleheads require effort and skills, which is why they are so unique. 

The bobblehead designing artists are generally equipped with high-end tools for carving out the picture in an exact manner. Having your very own personalized bobblehead or gifting them to someone you love makes them special in several ways. 


Before the finalization of the design, the picture or 3D model of the custom dolls is sent to the customers for their approval. Custom bobblehead makers ensure that the customer is satisfied with the final output. Any changes needed to the design are addressed at this stage as long as perfection is attained with the design and colors. 

Generally, the customers/clients can ask for changes as per requirement. Depending on the needs, the artists can initiate the changes and ensure the best services for the order. 


Further, you can ask for additional customization depending on your needs and availability with the makers. For example, if you want your eyes to be blue while they actually are black. You can also choose a certain theme as per your needs. Like, you can go for a Christmas theme if you are planning the custom bobbleheads for a Christmas party gift. 


After the required changes are made to the custom dolls, the artist will start fabricating the final design, and there is no going back from this. This stage includes all possible details asked by the clients/customers in the previous stage. At this stage, all the colors are added along with intricate designs such as eyelashes, facial hair, iris details, etc. 


After the final designs and colors have been incorporated into the personalized bobblehead, the body and face are attached together to complete this process. The quality of the bobblehead is checked thoroughly to ensure the product shipped to the customer is of the highest quality material with no flaws. The entire process, including the revision sessions, might take somewhere around 1-3 weeks.

Differences in the Final Product

There are several reasons that could lead to differences in the product. Some of the known reasons include:


When ordering your bobblehead, remember that quality is of utmost importance. Bobbleheads aren’t simple dolls meant for gifting; they can also bring in emotions at the forefront. They can be an ideal option for crucial moments of your life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or treasuring the memories of someone who has passed away. So, make sure you order one for yourself and watch them bobble on your table. 


Watch this video to see how we make bobbleheads for our valued customers!

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